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Temporary Event Signs

Local events are usually advertised around the village without any problems. However, the Parish Council has received a letter (August 2010) from Sedgemoor District Council indicating that they intend to take a firm line with certain types of advertising.

Part of the letter is reproduced below and if you need any further information please contact Nick Garnett (Enforcement Officer) at Sedgemoor District Council. His direct line is 01278-436461 or he can be contacted via the switchboard on 0845-408-2540.

One area of particular concern, and where innocence/ignorance of the law can lead to conflict, is that of fly posting.

It is an absolute offence to stick or otherwise attach posters, banners, advertising boards etc to any item of street furniture such as road signs, lamp posts, telegraph poles, barriers etc. The only exception to the rule are notices or signs which have the specific permission of the Highways Authority, such as Neighbourhood Watch signs.

It would therefore perhaps be politic for you to remind organisers of garden fetes, village or parish hall functions etc within your parish that such advertising is illegal. The signs may be removed immediately by the local authority, and there is a fixed penalty of 75 per item, or, if taken to court, up to 2,500 fine for each item.

Other forms of advertising, such as attaching posters, banners, advertising boards etc to fences or walls etc are permissible under deemed planning consent provided the following basic criteria are met —

1. The event advertised must be of a local nature, and be of a religious, educational, cultural, political, social or recreational character, not being an event or activity carried on for commercial purposes

2. The notice or sign must not exceed 0.6m in area

3. The notice or sign may not be illuminated

4. There are no exceptions to this ruling.

I would also not expect the advertisement to be displayed more than 28 days prior to the event, and removed within 14 days after the event, and such consent would not be given to events of an ongoing or regular (e.g. weekly) nature. I would also take a dim view of ‘blanket’ posting where a high density of advertisements are displayed.

Additionally, of course, the permission of the owner of the item to which the sign is affixed should be obtained.

Such signs can be removed by the local authority provided the offenders have been given at least 2 days to remove the signs themselves. Penalties are the same as for the previous offences. For banners or notices larger than 0.6m, or advertisements for events of an ongoing nature, or regular users of village halls etc such as play groups, planning permission should be applied for in the same way as any other business is required to.

If you have any queries at all please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely

Nick Garnett
Enforcement Officer

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