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Images of Chedzoy Parish

Planning Applications

Planning applications are granted or declined by Sedgemoor District Council, however the Parish Council is always asked for its views. These are taken into account when the Planning Committee or Planning Officers decide on the application.

The Parish Council can either:
- Support an application
- Not support an application
- Ask for conditions to be imposed before the application is granted.

When an application is contentious (e.g. the Dolton’s Farm development or the Chinese School) the Parish Council will usually arrange a Village Meeting to discuss the application. The Parish Chair or the Parish Clerk will also formally address the Planning Committee at Sedgemoor District Council to present the Parish Council’s views.

If you have a pending planning application it is strongly recommended that you attend the Parish Council meeting at which your application will be discussed (contact the Parish Clerk to find out when this will be). By attending the meeting, you may be able to answer questions or clear up some areas of concern that the Councillors may have.

For further information about planning applications, or to find out the progress of a particular application, please visit Sedgemoor District Council’s Planning Page by following the link below.

See also Sedgemoor District Council Planning Page

View of Chedzoy Parish