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Images of Chedzoy Parish

Village Design Statement

The next stage after a Parish Action Plan is for residents to produce a Village Design Statement.

This is a document that describes the distinctive characteristics of our village and locality in terms of the landscape setting, the pattern and shape of the settlement, and the nature of buildings, spaces, landmarks and special features. It provides design guidance to influence future development and improve the physical qualities of the area. It also provides an opportunity for residents to describe how they feel the physical character of Chedzoy can be enhanced.

A Village Design Statement will provide a clear statement of the character of Chedzoy. It is not about whether development should take place, but about how development should be undertaken so as to respect the local identity. It can help ensure that future developments are in keeping with the local character and be a material consideration when deciding on planning applications.

There are several local organisations that will provide help and support during the preparation of a Village Design Statement.

Please contact the Parish Clerk if you are interested in taking on the role of Village Design Statement co-ordinator or would simply like more information.

View of Chedzoy Parish