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Chedzoy Parish Action Plan Update

The following is a list of all the Action points raised in the 2009 Chedzoy Parish Action Plan, together with a note of the action taken to date (March 2011).

The Action Points are reproduced in their entirety, however not all of them fall within the Parish Councilís remit. The Parish Council has advised other organisations in the village where appropriate. Some of the points would require a change of the law, others are social matters which need to be taken up by the Community.

Action Points

1. We need to confirm the actual number of older people in the village.
St Maryís Church, Chedzoy distributes the Parish Charities annually to all villagers over 70 at Christmas and there are currently 35 people on the distribution list.

2. The Parish Council should seek to raise its influence upon local planning issues.
The Parish Council is consulted about local planning applications and advises Sedgemoor District Council of its opinions. However raising its influence is a statutory matter and would require a change in the law.

3. The Parish to consult on anomalies in the planning envelope.
The Parish Council advises Sedgemoor District Council of its opinions when anomalies in the planning envelope are identified. The planning envelope for Sedgemoor villages was drawn up by Sedgemoor District Council after a lengthy consultation process and is not currently due for revision.

4. The Parish Council should revisit the plans for Doltonís Farm development.
The Parish Council put forward its opinions forcefully to Sedgemoor District Council and was instrumental in getting the scheme reduced significantly. Planning Permission has now been granted by Sedgemoor District Council and the Parish Council has no powers to overturn it.

5. Investigate conversion of social housing to flats and maisonettes.
This suggestion has been passed on to Sedgemoor District Councilís Social Housing Department.

6. The Village should produce a Parish Design Statement.
Members of the Community will need to come forward to take on this task. Please see the ďVillage Design StatementĒ page on this website.

7. The Parish Council should take into account the increased levels of traffic and noise that would accompany any new local businesses.
The Parish Council points out their concerns about planning applications to Sedgemoor District Council. Sedgemoor consults with Somerset Highways about planning applications where increased traffic might be a problem and imposes restrictions where noise levels are a concern.

8. The Parish Council should lobby for better village internet links.
BT improved the internet links to Chedzoy in October 2010. However, we are unlikely to see further significant improvements in the near future because of the distance from the Bridgwater Exchange. The provision of fibre-optic cables is unlikely. Cllr Bunney is currently (March 2011) looking into the continuing low speeds.

9. Ask police to monitor speed through the Village.
10. Ask police to monitor lorries through the Village.
11. Ask police to act on boy racers particularly in the late evening.
12. Identify the level of community support for speed watch.

Chedzoy now has a Speedwatch Team who liaise with the Police as necessary.

13. The Parish Council to explore the possibility of providing suitable dog poo bins.
The Parish Council investigated this matter in September 2010. The bins have to be emptied three times a week for Health and Safety and hygiene reasons and the cost of emptying (currently approx. £8 per week, per bin) was felt to be prohibitive.

14. Parish Council to advise BT that the phone box needs painting.
This has been done on several occasions without any success so far.

15. The Parish Council to explore the possibility of opening up a cycle route to school using the footbridge across the M5.
The Parish Council has discussed this idea with Sustrans, which has responsibility for setting up cycle routes. There are currently no funds available, but Sustrans has suggested that a steering group should be formed in the village to investigate this proposal further. If you would like to form, or be part of, a steering group please contact the Parish Clerk.

16. Local people to be encouraged to recycle.
The Village now has full kerbside recycling.

17. There was a need to monitor local footpaths to ensure that they remain usable for all sections of the community.
The Parish Council reports any problems it is advised of. However any problems encountered can be reported by individuals direct to the Footpaths Department at Somerset County Council following the links on this website. The Parish Council advertised in Chedzoy News for someone to become a footpath co-ordinator who would regularly check the paths and report any problems to Somerset County Council. No one came forward, but if you are interested in taking on this role please contact the Parish Clerk.

18. More visits by the gully sucker and clearance of blocked pipes.
The gully sucker generally visits villages following a predetermined route, however if particular problems are reported it will make a special visit.

19. Grass verges are being eroded in the village.
This has been reported to Somerset Highways on a number of occasions. They advise that it is a county-wide problem caused by the increase in large vehicles on the roads and there is nothing that can be done.

20. Parents are to be encouraged to run activities for young people.
This is a social matter, which needs to be taken up by the community.

21. There needs to be better advertising of village show.
Chedzoy Playing Field Association (which organises the Village Show) has been advised. Unfortunately, the 2010 Village Show was cancelled due to insufficient manpower.

22. Promote new activities as people and resources become available.
This is a social matter, which should be taken up by the community.

23. The young people would like a second goal at the playing field.
Chedzoy Playing Field Association has been advised.

24. Parish Council to take lead in inviting district and county councillors to public meetings.
There is a standing invitation to both the District Councillors and the County Councillor to attend Parish Council meetings. They are all sent details of meeting dates, agendas and minutes. Cllr. David Hall (our County Councillor) attends most meetings of the Parish Council and gives a presentation on items of interest.

25. Parish Council minutes and agendas to be made available to interested people.
The Agenda appears on the Notice Board and dates of meetings and adopted Minutes now appear on the website.

26. A summary of Parish Council decisions to be included in Chedzoy News.
This is now being done.

27. Parish news and information to be made available on a village website.
This information is already available in Chedzoy News. The Parish Council now has its own website with links and contact details to various organisations along with archive copies of Chedzoy News.

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