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Images of Chedzoy Parish

Parish Plan

In 2000 the Government’s Rural White Paper “Our countryside, the future” was published. It proposed that all rural communities should develop “Town, Village and Parish Plans” to identify key facilities and services, to set out the problems that need to be tackled and to demonstrate how distinctive characters and features could be preserved. A Parish Plan would bring together the views, needs and opinions of the community, covering the social, economic and environmental issues that affect the community. Once completed, local authorities would take the Plan into account when taking decisions that affect the village.

There were three stages in developing a Plan:

1) Parish Appraisal
Identify what currently exists in the community in terms of services, facilities, skills and expertise.

2) Parish Plan
Identify what would improve the quality of life for local residents. What changes would people like to see and what future needs could be predicted.

3) Village Design Statement
What boundaries would the community like to place on those implementing change, be it organisational, planning or building.

Once completed the Parish Council would adopt the findings and other statutory agencies asked to take them into account when making decisions about the village.

A committee of village residents was formed to work on the Plan and they made a presentation to the village during the Parish Council Annual Meeting in May 2008. Subsequently a questionnaire was distributed to every household in the village, meetings were held in the Village Hall, the information received was processed and a Parish Plan was produced. Presentations were made in the Village Hall on the findings and every house in the village received a copy of the Parish Plan.

The original intention was that the Committee would then move on to prepare a Village Design Statement, but it disbanded before this was carried out.

As an interim measure, the Parish Council asked the Parish Clerk to investigate the issues raised in the Parish Plan and report back. An updated copy of the report is available on this page.

View of Chedzoy Parish