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Images of Chedzoy Parish

Minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting held on 28th May 2013


1. Apologies: Cllr David Hall (SCC).
Present:- Cllrs Martin Allen, Martin Baker, James Bunney, Mrs Pat Lennard, Terry Oxman, Mark Smith and Ray Triggol (Chairman).
Members of the Public: - Mr R Woodward and Mr and Mrs F Hunt.

2. The Minutes of the previous Annual Meeting of 23rd May 2012: were read, agreed and signed.

3. Chairmanís report. Cllr Triggol said that the Bus Shelter renovations had been completed during the year, at a cost of £4112, with ongoing maintenance costs of £400 per year. He thought the site was now a credit to the Village and that it was now important to maintain it to a high standard. He went on to report that the Parish Council continued to support various local activities: - St Maryís Churchyard, Playing Fields Committee with both an Amenity grant and covering the cost of grass cutting, Village Hall Committee, as well as grants to Sedgemoor CAB and Sedgemoor Community Transport. The second tranche of £500 support to the Diamond Jubilee Celebrations ( making total support £1000) had helped to make the weekend in question very successful and memorable. He praised Cllr Smith for volunteering to take on the position of Parish Path Liaison Officer, Pothole Liaison Officer and Webmaster. He thanked the Councillors for their hard work and support over the year, as well as the Clerk for his work.

4. County Councillorís Report. As Cllr David Hall was abroad at present, no report was given. The Clerk wished to record his thanks for the strong support given to the Council by Cllr Hall, who invariably attended most meetings.

5. Sedgemoor District Councillorís Report. As no (SDC) Councillors were present, no report was given.

6. Questions from the floor.
  • Playing Field:- Mr Hunt, resident of a property neighbouring the playing field, reported a badly damaged bench on the site which needed repair/renovation for safety sake.
  • Churchyard:-Mr Hunt reported considerable damage has been caused by a badger digging at the grass to the left of the main door, in search of worms. He enquired whether the impending badger cull was likely to affect the Village and it seems not as this is to be confined to West Somerset. Cllr Triggol mentioned that the badgers currently in the Village were TB free and as such he thought any cull here would result in fresh, possibly infected ones moving in to take over.
  • Poor state of the carriageway in Chedzoy Lane near the Crow Lane junction. Mr Woodward reported the bad state of the Lane near this junction with both large potholes and the erosion of the sides of the carriageway. The Clerk was asked to bring the matter to the attention of Mr Laurence Hackling at SCC.
7. There being no other business the meeting was declared closed at 8.55 pm.


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