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Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on Monday 17th December 2018.

Minutes of the meeting of the Parish Council held on Monday 17th December  2018 in the village hall at 7.30 pm.

1. Apologies: Cllrs Pat Lennard and Liz Perry (Sedgemoor District Council (SDC)).

Present: Cllrs. Martin Allen (Chairman), Martin Baker, Brian Gale and Ray Triggol.

Also present: the Clerk together with 1 member of the public.

2. Minutes of the previous meeting of 19th November 2018 were taken as read, approved and signed.

3. Matters arising from the minutes.
  • Audibility issues at village hall meetings. A parishioner has offered the parish council the use of his radio microphone for larger meetings where audibility can be a problem.
4. Somerset County Council report. None

5. Sedgemoor District Council report. None.

6. Planning. No new applications to consider.

7. Correspondence.
  • CAB donation request. The Clerk has received this but reported it was only in July 2018 that the last donation was made.

  • Mendip Community transport donation request. The Clerk said a further request has been received. This was noted.

  • CIL annual return. This will be a “nil” return.

  • 'Free Festive Parking across Sedgemoor'. In an endeavour to promote local traders, parking fees are to be suspended for the two Saturdays leading up to Christmas.
8. Matters arising from the correspondence. None.

9. Finance .

Balances after allowing for all payments made

Lloyds Bank current account £4323.24
Lloyds Bank deposit account £2.48
Cambridge Building Society Easy Access account £12318.53

Two cheques were issued as follows.

Number Amount Payee For
624 £305.14 Mr C.N Fry December/January salary
625 £37.89 Mr C.N Fry Expenses

Precept Setting for 2019/2020. The Clerk presented the projected expenditure for 2019/2020 at just under £7000.00, not including any provision for Bus Shelter maintenance. He went on to explain that, bearing in mind the possibility of Parish Council Election expenses in 2019 cropping up, this could be “taken” from the £2000.00 anticipated reserves at year end 31st March 2019 and reclaimed from SDC the following year. He therefore said he thought it possible to keep the Precept level for 2019/2020 at £7500.00 – the same as the past two years.
Following a discussion this was proposed by Cllr Ray Triggol and seconded by Cllr Martin Baker, all agreed.

10. Any Other Business, including date of the next meeting.

  • Fostering leaflets. SCC have enquired if it is possible for fostering leaflets to be distributed with the Parish magazine. Cllr Martin Baker kindly offered to hand deliver these.

  • Village Agent attendance at a parish council meeting. The Clerk advised the meeting that Vanda Squire has agreed to attend the meeting of 18th March 2019 and give a talk on her role.

  • 2020/2021 School Admission Arrangements Consultation. A six-week consultation on school admissions arrangements for children who are due to start, transfer or move schools during the 2020/2021 School year is currently taking place. Go to: or contact 01823 356671.

  • Sedgemoor’s Open Space, Sport and Recreational study. A survey to collate views on the quality and quantity of open space, sport and recreational provision has been sent to the Chedzoy Playing Fields Committee for comment, if they wish to. The deadline for submission is the 1st February 2019.

  • Avon and Somerset PCC winter newsletter. This has been received.

  • The new Local Plan. The Chairman said this is due to come into effect in early 2019, when Chedzoy is likely to be reclassified as a 'Tier 4 Settlement'.

  • Bridgwater Tidal Barrier Scheme. This scheme is designed to reduce the flood risk in the area and it is a key component of the twenty-year Flood Action Plan developed following the 2014 floods. The Environment Agency has been charged with developing proposals and securing funding for the barrier which should be operational by 2024.

    The Chairman recently attended a promotional event in St Marys Church Bridgwater, and he will complete a questionnaire. Members of the public may make comments at or

  • Bus Shelter maintenance. The Clerk was asked to investigate the need to obtain an estimate for maintenance going forward.

  • Blocked drain at West End Farm. Cllr Martin Baker brought up the localised flooding problem at times of heavy rain when the large puddle starts opposite West End Farmhouse and creeps across the road, with drivers leaving the village crossing into the path of oncoming cars to avoid it.

    The Clerk was asked to consult Laurence Hackling of SCC Highways Dunball Depot on the matter. A similar problem further along the lane has recently been eradicated.

Date of next meeting: Monday 18th February 2019 in the village hall at 7.30 pm.

There being no other business the Chairman declared the meeting closed at 8.05 pm.



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