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Images of Chedzoy Parish

Minutes of the meeting of the Parish Council held on Monday 16th December 2019.

Minutes of the meeting of the Chedzoy Parish Council, held on Monday 16th December 2019 in the Village Hall at 7.30pm.
1. Present: Cllrs Marion Dethier, Brian Gale, Simon Howes (Chairman), John Paige and Rodney Young.

Also present: Cllrs David Hall (Somerset County Council (SCC)), and Anthony Betty (
Sedgemoor District Council SDC)).

In attendance: The Clerk (Chris Fry).

Apologies: Cllr Pat Lennard, Cllr Nick Griffiths.

2. Minutes of the previous meeting of 18th November and the special planning meeting of 25th November 2019 were taken as read, approved and signed.

3. Matters arising from the minutes.
  • Surface water drainage problems in Chedzoy Lane. The Clerk reported that he had felt it preferable to visit the landowners in question, bearing in mind the recent events. He visited both Temple Farm and Manor Farm Bradney and spoke to Judith Denning’s daughter-in-law and Mrs Ashford, leaving them each a copy of the relevant maps supplied by SCC highways. He felt he had been well received and he has updated Lawrence Hackling about these visits and advising the other locations which are situated in Bridgwater Without parish. The matter is now between SCC and the relevant landowners. No further action.

  • Moor Drove bridleway gates. The Clerk has emailed the requested details of damage to the three gates and supplied photos, together with details about farm vehicles using the bridleway to George Montague, SCC footpath officer covering Sedgemoor.

    Action – The Clerk will update the council when he has further information.

  • Trees for Somerset – Trees for your parish. The Clerk appealed for volunteers to attend the tree planting conference being held at West Monkton village hall on Wednesday 29th January 2020 from 10.00 to 15.30 (GMT).

    Action - Marion Dethier has kindly agreed to go and report back to the parish council.

  • Litter Pick 2020. It was decided to hold the Spring litter pick on Saturday 7th March 2020.

    Action - The Clerk will request the necessary equipment from SDC Clean Surroundings with community awareness being raised through these minutes.

4. Somerset County Councillor’s report. David Hall reported as follows:
  •  Election. With the recent general election resulting in a majority government, David Hall is waiting to see if any changes will result at SCC. He anticipated that progress in several matters is now more likely.

  • Drainage. He has recently been advised that the general Sedgemoor drainage situation is better than for a number of years, this despite the recent heavy rainfall.

  • 'Improving lives' grant. Grant aid amounting to £359.00 is being remitted to the parish council bank account, and it is likely that this will be put towards improving audio visual equipment for the village hall. This has been discussed with the chairman of the village hall committee.

    Action – Simon Howes will liaise with the chairman of the village hall committee to ensure that this meets their expectations and needs.

  •  'Squibbers’ Way'. This new link road, running from [Marsh Lane] just off junction 24, to the [southern] end of Parrett Way in the Colley Lane industrial area, has just been opened and it should significantly ease traffic congestion along Taunton Road and Broadway.
5. Sedgemoor District Councillor’s report.  Anthony Betty said there are several meetings being held this week, including a full SDC council meeting, and he would report back to the next meeting.

6. Planning.  No new applications.

7. Correspondence.
  • Temporary road closure – Front Street. SCC have advised that Front Street will be closed from 7th January 2020 by an order prohibiting all traffic for a period expected to last five days, to enable Wessex Water to carry out improvement works.

  • Dates for SDC Climate Emergency drop-ins. Public drop-in events are to be held in each of Somerset’s district council areas in January and February 2020 and they are being run by the Somerset Climate Action Network.

    The event in Sedgemoor will be held in the Sedgemoor Room, Bridgwater House, King Square Bridgwater TA6 3AR on 8th February 2020. It is open to residents, businesses, groups and anyone with an interest.

    For more information, e-mail
    Sedgemoor District Council: or telephone: 01278 435320.

8. Matters arising from the correspondence. None.

9. Finance – including setting the precept for 2020/2021.

Balances after allowing for all payments due:-

Lloyds Bank Current Account £4636.53
Lloyds Bank Deposit Account £2.48
Cambridge Building Society Easy Access Account £12341.19

Six cheques were issued as follows:

Number Amount Payee For
669 £35.00 Somerset Association of Local Councils Allotment management seminar fee
670 £50.00 Somerset Association of Local Councils Councillor essentials seminars
671 £205.11 John Paige New notice board cost
672 £305.14 C.N Fry December/January net salary
673 £65.28 C.N Fry Expenses
674 £114.40 C.N Fry HMRC PAYE October to December

Precept Setting 2020/2021. This needs to be agreed tonight, as SDC need to know the requirement by mid-January 2020 and the next parish council meeting is not until February.
The Clerk distributed the usual Actual/Estimate of expenditure or 2019/2020 together with a forecast for 2020/2021 and a full discussion took place. The Chairman said he thought it more appropriate for the budget to be considered earlier in the year to enable full consideration and planning for the year ahead, a view that was strongly supported. John Paige kindly offered to set up a planning template to enable improved expenditure forecasting in future years.

Action – It was agreed that John Paige will present a draft planning framework to be reviewed by the parish council at the March 2020 meeting.

Taking into account the previously approved commitment to give £1000.00 towards the VE Day 75th anniversary celebrations in 2020, the council accepted the Clerk’s recommendation to apply for a precept of £8500.00 for the year 2020/2021, just £1000.00 more than that levied for the last two years. This was proposed by Simon Howes and seconded by Marion Dethier.

A request for grant aid received from Mendip Community Transport was noted but not approved.

10. Any other business, and the date of the next meeting.
  • Heritage Plaques. The Clerk read out a reply from one of the affected residents, declining the offer to erect the 'Milk churn' plaque.

    Action - The Clerk will confirm the position with the other householders concerning the other plaque and, if appropriate, he would introduce John Paige to them with a view to erecting it in a convenient location.

Date of the next meeting: Monday 17th February 2020.

There being no other business the Chairman declared the meeting closed at 8.43pm.


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