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Images of Chedzoy Parish

What’s On In and Around Chedzoy

We all enjoy going to events in Chedzoy, which are usually well-advertised around the village. Many of us also enjoy events in neighbouring villages, but we miss out at times because there’s no easy way to find out what’s on. Well, the Polden Events website may be the answer to our problems.

The website has been set-up by Richard Culverhouse, who lives in one of the Polden villages and is entirely free to use. The site allows Chedzoy, Westonzoyland, Middlezoy and the 14 or so villages across the Polden Hills to advertise their events in one place.

Visit the site and you’ll be able to see what’s on in our village and every surrounding village. You can sort in village or date order and can also search for events at a specific village. Not only will you be able to find lots more fairs, exhibitions, lunches and other events to go to, but you’ll also be able to check dates and avoid any “clashes” with neighbouring villages if you’re organising something yourself.

How do the events get on the website in the first place? Well, it’s down to each village organisation to enter their own events. Initially you’ll need to register (a very brief process requiring you to enter your name, a username, e-mail address and a password). After that you can log on and enter details of each of your events on a very simple form. No technical knowledge is required, and the whole process is very straightforward. If you make a mistake the details can easily be amended. That’s all there is to it!

The site will only become a really useful resource if every village organisation, in all the 17 or so villages, enters details of their own events – so start entering now!

To visit Polden Events, click on the link below.

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View of Chedzoy Parish